First and foremost, I am a Maker.

I love creating things, be that by trying a new recipe or opening up an old toy to see how it could be repurposed.  Before I became a computer scientist, I was a writer; before that, I drew.

In particular, I like to focus on the following areas of work (with links to where you can find samples of this work):

Development.  I earned a Bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Chicago in 2012, and my Master of Science in Computing from Marquette University in 2014.  I’m currently working on a PhD in Computational Sciences.  Unfortunately, this means that while I do a lot of coding, I don’t have much time for side projects as of late!  Nevertheless, I am trying to fill my Github (link) and my Hackster (link) profiles with work I’ve done.  Most of my development revolves around research projects I am a part of at school, most of which cannot be open sourced.

Writing.  I attended a very interesting high school (link) which allowed me to focus on Creative Writing as a “major” for four years.  As a result, I take great interest in writing both fiction and non-fiction.  My writing will most likely go here, but some longer pieces may find their way to Medium (link).

Artwork.  I love to draw – I am self-taught, and always learning.  Cartooning is preferred to realism, but I dabble in both, in multiple media.  My preferred media is markers and ink on Bristol board.  To experiment, I often do sketch cards, which can be found on my art-only Instagram (link) or cross-posted to my art-only Twitter (link).  I am considering selling some of these cards once they’re complete.

Photography.  I like to take photographs, although this is an art I am still learning.  I have a small instant camera, and my cell phone camera at this time – I would love to invest in a DSLR and take a course in photography once I graduate!  For now, my amateur photos get posted to my personal Instagram (link).  I plan on having a separate site for my more “professional” photographs in the future. (Interested in seeing a sample of my photography? Click here! (link) )

Music.  It’s rare that I post my music, but I do dabble in composition, as well as vocals and keyboard.  I play piano, and have a preference for jazz music.  Audio is posted to Soundcloud (link).

Crafts and Cosplay.  I love attending comic conventions and the like, and making my own costumes!  My adventures in knitting and sewing will all be posted here – but occasionally I may post tutorials to Instructables (link) as well.