About Me

I’m a graduate student living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Computational Science at Marquette University, where I also completed a Master of Science in Computing in 2014.  Prior to this, I lived in Chicago for a little while, pursuing my Bachelor of Science at the University of Chicago.

My interests can be boiled down to two things: learning new things, and making things.

I spent most of my younger years acting as tech support for friends and family – which caused me to take interest in human-computer interaction and accessibility.  I did research while working on my Masters of Science in Computing on adaptive interfaces for elderly adults, looking to combine recent advances in affective computing with adaptive interfaces.  This would lead to creating things such as operating systems that would detect squinting, and determine that onscreen text size needed enlargement.  This work culminated in my Masters’ thesis on that topic, which I defended in 2014.

My PhD work focuses on universal design in the representation of information.  I want to ensure that the entire process of gathering data and presenting it, prior to any computerized analysis, is accessible for all users, regardless of background or ability.  I work with both Ubicomp Lab at Marquette, and the R2D2 Center of UW-Milwaukee on a variety of projects related to this topic.

When I’m not in the lab, I do a bit of self-taught digital illustration, and play piano.  I also write fictional tales, which I’ve been crafting since my time as a creative writing major of the Milwaukee High School of the Arts.  I make IoT systems, both for fun and for general experimentation.  I’ll also try art areas I don’t have extensive experience in, such as cooking, knitting, and dancing. However, I try to keep this blog for my technical discoveries and thoughts, and save my artistic endeavors for other places.

Above all, I am an eternal student.  I look forward to sharing my discoveries!