Old artwork from 2011.

November Nostalgia

When I first started writing blog entries, back in 2013 or so, I tried desperately to make alliterative post titles for the sake of doing such.  This essentially set the mood of the blog posts – snippets of thought from late at night, often pumped full of corny writing and cheesy storytelling.

I liked them, nonetheless.  Unfortunately, that blog was deleted in favor of other blogs, which eventually led me to making to this blog.

I tend to like many of the things I made when I was younger.  Not for technical merit, of course, but solely because they represent fun snippets of the past.  I read old fiction, written with characters representing old friends, and I can vividly remember how they spoke and their mannerisms (even though it’s been almost ten years since I graduated high school).  Old illustrations show me how I’ve improved in drawing (although I definitely have a ways to go).

When I graduated from college, I did something I’d regret for years (and still do) – delete all of my writing from middle and early high school.  This sounds like a silly thing to regret, but now when I fondly talk about the hilariously terrible fiction of my youth, I have nothing to offer as an example.  Late-high-school stories and published work I kept, but not the very old work, that I had poured sweat and tears into as a middle school student.  I also shredded a lot of my old artwork, out of embarrassment.

This was an error.  It also means I can never feature terrible old writing on “Grownups Read Things They Wrote As Kids,” [link] which is one of my favorite podcasts.

I wish instead there was a scrapbooking service for this sort of work, similar to Facebook’s “On This Day” feature, that I could load it all into.  Perhaps a service using encryption, because lord knows very old work is typically not shining examples of quality.  It could be locked down and perhaps randomly sent to you, like a cute FutureMe letter.  A little package of nostalgia and warm memories of friends from your past.

It would be a lovely way of cheering yourself up!